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Administrative Professionals Day
Card Message Ideas

(Secretarys Day)




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Sending flowers to your secretary?  Don't know what to write on the enclosure card?  Sometimes it can be hard to think of just the right words to express what we want to say.  Here are some suggestions to help you to express your appreciation!


Thanks for everything!  You make my job so much easier!

They say no matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helps you!  I really appreciate your help!

I can do anything I think I can, but I can't function without you!
Sincere thanks for all your help!

With sincere thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

They say a combined effort can break down the wall of impossibility.
Thanks for helping break down the walls!!

Dedication is the fuel for progress and growth.
Thanks for your dedication!!

Someone once said that ingenuity plus work equals miracles.
Thanks for all the miracles you perform everyday!

You are appreciated for all that you do!!

Example isn't the main thing influencing others, it's the only thing! 
Thanks for setting such a great one!!

Brilliance arises from ordinary people working in extraordinary ways.
Thank you for being so extraordinary!!

Thanks For All You Do!

For All You Do Throughout The Year

You're The Greatest

Thanks For Putting Up With Me

We Appreciate All You Do

Your hard work and diligence are an inspiration to everyone, and indispensable to me.

Thanks for being on my team! Great job!

Keep up the great work!

Your hard work and dedication are appreciated today and all year.

Thank you.  What would we do without you?

Thanks for being you!

Your hard work and your helpfulness are appreciated more than you know.



Administrative Professional Day
Card Message Ideas


 card message ideas