Bethany Roberts' Valentine Fun for Kids

Valentines Party Games
ideas for home or classroom parties

Best Dressed Guest:
On the party invitations, tell each guest to dress in red or pink and white, and to wear hearts.  
At the party, give a prize to the guest who is wearing the most hearts.
Valentine Relay Race:
Make a paper heart for every player. Make an even number of hearts. 
Write instructions on the hearts such as skip,
  jump, hop, walk backwards, crawl, dance, tiptoe or whatever directions you like.
Make two sets of hearts exactly the same. 
Players form two relay teams.
Put one set at the goal for each team.
Each player must run to their team's pile, pick a heart, read the directions, and, following the directions, jump, hop, or dance back to their team.
(If there is an uneven number of players, have one player go twice to make the teams even.)
The team that finishes the relay first wins.

Prizes can be a small bag of valentine candies for each player, a heart-shaped eraser, or Valentine stickers.

Famous Pairs:
Pin names on the back of each player.  Players must then ask yes and no questions to find their partner.
Names must be the names of famous pairs such as:  Ernie and Bert, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Barbie and Ken, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Jack and Jill, Popeye and Olive Oye, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, Romeo and Juliet, the King of Hearts and the Queen of Hearts.
Pass the Red-Hot Heart: 
Cut a heart out of red felt.  
Players stand or sit in a circle.
While music plays, players pass the heart to their right.  
When the music stops, whoever is holding the red-hot heart is out.
Keep playing until only one player, the winner, is left.
Candy Count:
Count candy hearts into a jar or other clear container.  
Players guess how many hearts they think are in the jar and write their guesses on slips of paper with their names.
The player that has the best guess wins the candy jar.
Heart Hop Relay:
Cut out four hearts from red poster board.
Divide the players into two teams.
Give each team two hearts.
In turn, each player on the team must put down a heart, hop on it, put down the second heart, hop on it, pick up the first heart, put it down and hop on it, and so on all the way to the goal and back again to the team.
The first team with all the players back wins.
Candy Hunt:
Hide wrapped valentine candy.
Give each guest a goodie bag to collect the candy they find.
Valentine Musical Chairs:
With one less chair than you have players, arrange chairs in two rows, back to back.  
Play any popular love song.
Players march around the chairs.
When the music stops, everyone sits in a chair.
The player who doesn't have a chair is out.
Take away a chair.
Keep playing until one player (the winner) is left.

Happy Valentine's Day!