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Kids Valentine CraftsValentine hearts

Handmade Valentine Cards
Valentine card with gum:
Write "Won't chew be my Valentine?" or "Valentine, I chews you!" on the card. 
Then tape a wrapped piece of gum to the card.
Secret Code Valentine:
Write a valentine message using a secret code.  Here is a code you can use:

Can you read this valentine message?
9      12- 15- 22- 5        25- 15- 21! 

Here is another valentine message.  Can you read it?
2- 5     13- 25     22- 1- 12- 5- 14- 20- 9- 14- 5!

Be sure to include a copy of the secret code to your friend when you send your valentine!

Photo Valentine Card:
(parents and grandparents love to receive these!)

You will need:
paper doily
red construction paper
a photo of yourself

Cut out a red paper heart and paste it onto the doily.
Paste the photo on top of the heart.
When it dries, you can paste another heart onto the back.
Write a message on it.

Valentines in Other Languages:
Tell your valentine "I love you" in different languages!
Here are some you could use:
English: I love you
French: Je t'aime bien
German: Ich liebe dich
Italian: Ti voglio bene
Spanish: Te amo
Chinese: Ngo oi nei
Sewing Valentine Card:
Cut a large heart out of red posterboard.
Using a hole punch, punch holes along the edge of the heart.
Sew yarn through the holes.
Write "I love you SEW much!" on the heart.
A Valentine Hug Card: 
Trace your hands and cut them out.
Glue or tape a "hug-length" piece of yarn to connect the two hearts.
Write "A valentine hug from me to you" on the hearts.
Handy Valentine Card:
Trace your hand and cut out.
Cut out a small heart.
Paste the heart on the hand.
Write "I'm handing you my heart" on the hand.
Sticker Valentines:
Give your valentine some stickers.
Write "Stick with me, Valentine!"
or "Best friends stick together!"
Valentine Messages:
Here are some things you could write on valentines:
Friends 4-ever
U R Mine
I Luv U
U R #1
Valentine Party Decorations
Valentine Tree Centerpiece:
Find a stick with lots of branches.  (Spray paint it white if you like.)  
Put the stick in a jar of marbles or pebbles.  
Tape valentine hearts to string and hang them from the branches.

Party Napkins:
Wrap silverware in party napkins.
Tie a red or pink ribbon around the napkins.
Tuck in a heart-shaped lollipop.
Or tuck in a Valentine joke.  Click here for some joke ideas.

Valentine Placemats:
Use large sheets of red or pink construction paper.
Cut them into a heart shape.
Decorate with doilies, stickers, felt markers, glitter glue, or crayons

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