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There are lots of fun things to do here! 
There are holiday and special day fun pages for Thanksgiving, Christmas,  Valentine's Day, Spring, Easter, and Birthdays. 
Click on Kitty Fun for cat
jokes & riddles.  
For some reading and writing fun, click on Write-a-Story.  Write a story the way YOU want it to go!  


Kitty Fun - cat riddles and jokes, a fun survey you can take, links to kitty games, and more!
Birthday Fun- lots of ideas for cowboy-themed birthday parties, plus birthday riddles, games, activities, stories and poems, and links.  Create a birthday story starring YOU!  Chat with Bobo the Birthday Clown.  
Valentine Fun- Valentine riddles,  jokes, tongue twisters, poems, stories, poems, crafts, recipes, games and more!  Ask Flower a question!
Spring Fun- Spring stories, poems, jokes and riddles, games, crafts, recipes, and activities.  Create a spring story starring YOU!
Easter Fun- Easter stories, poems, jokes, tongue twisters, games, songs, crafts, recipes, and activities.  Make some silly sentences.  Plan a party. Chat with the Easter bunny.  Do the Bunny Hop!
Thanksgiving Fun- Thanksgiving crafts, recipes, maze, games, tongue twisters, stories, poems, riddles and jokes, and more!
Christmas Fun- Christmas stories, poems, games, sing-along songs, recipes, crafts, activities, jolly jokes and riddles, tongue twisters, gifts you can make, decorate a tree for the birds, and more!
Write-A-Story- You choose how the story goes!
E-Card Fun- send an e-card to a friend- celebrate a fun day, or just say Hi!

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