Bethany Roberts' Easter Fun For Kids: 

and Activities


Easter Egg Hunts:
Give each guest a decorated goodie bag or a basket lined with Easter grass to collect the eggs.
Hide wrapped candy eggs or fill plastic eggs with candy, coins, stickers, or small toys.

1. For mixed ages, or to keep the faster children from getting most of the eggs, have each child start with a basket with one egg in it.  They are to collect only eggs that color.  (You can hide eggs for younger children in easy spots, and hide eggs for older children in more challenging spots.)  
Another way to handle this is to write names on the eggs, so kids only collect eggs with their own names.
2.  Have kids bunny hop from one spot to another.
3. For young children, have a jellybean trail leading to an Easter basket.
4.  Egg Treasure Hunt- For older children, fill plastic eggs with clues leading to an Easter basket (or the treasure could be  chocolate bunnies, plush Easter bunnies, or other toys.) 

Egg Games:
1. Egg rolling- 
Have a hard-boiled Easter egg for each player.  Have a starting line and a finish line. The course may be across a carpet, down a hill, or may be an obstacle course.  The first player to get their egg from start to finish wins.  Players may push their feet or with spoons, or have them get down on hands and knees and push with their noses.
2. Egg Toss- an outdoor game!
Line up even number of players in two rows, with partners facing each other.  All players in the first row toss a raw egg to their partner in the second row.  Then the second row tosses to the first row.  After each catch, players step backwards.  Repeat tossing back and forth until all but one egg is broken.  The partners with the last unbroken egg win the game.
3. Egg and Spoon Race-
Have a starting line and a finish line.
Give each player a spoon and an egg at the start line. (Eggs may be raw or hard-boiled.)
Players race to the finish line, holding their egg in their spoon.
The first person to get to the finish line with their egg wins.
(This can also be played as a relay race,  with an obstacle course, or as a three-legged race.)

4. Pass the Easter Egg-
Line up two teams.  Have a plastic egg or a hard-boiled egg for each team.
The first player on each team puts an egg under their chin.
Using just their chins and necks, players must pass the egg from one to another, down the line.
If an egg is dropped, players must start at the beginning of the line again.
The first team to pass the egg all the way to the end wins.
(Another way to play Pass the Egg is to have all the players sit in a circle, and pass the egg around with their feet.)

5. Easter Egg Bowling-
Each player gets a colored Easter egg.  
Have one Easter egg in the center of the room.
Players take turns "bowling" to see who can roll their egg closest to the center egg.
Other Easter Games and Activities:
1. Duck Walk Race-
Players all line up at the start line.
Each player squats down and grabs their ankles with each hand from behind.
On Go, players waddle to the finish line.
(This may also be played as a relay race.)

2. Guess the Number Game-
Fill a jar with jellybeans, (counting as you fill it.)
On slips of paper, players write their names, and guess how many jellybeans in the jar.
The player with the closest guess wins the jar of jellybeans.

3. Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny-
Same as Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
You will need a picture of a bunny.
Each player gets a bunny tail with their name on it.
One at a time, blindfold the players, spin them 3 times, and have them try to pin or tape their tail to a bunny.
The player whose tail is closest to the bunny tail wins.

4. Easter Bunny Tag-
Same as tag, but players hop instead of run.
5. Easter Candy Toss-
Make a target with three circles, one inside the other.
The inner circle, the bull's eye, is 5 points.
The middle circle is 3 points.
The outer circle is 1 point.
Players take turns tossing wrapped candy.  (Each player uses a different color candy.)
Add up points to see who wins.
6. Have an Easter Parade-
Have guests decorate plain white hats, t-shirts, or socks with ribbons, flowers, lace, fabric paint, glitter, and fabric scraps.
Then put on music and have a parade- or a fashion show.
Video tape it.
7.  Take instant photos of everyone wearing fancy Easter hats, or posing with the Easter Bunny.
Guests can decorate inexpensive picture frames with Easter stickers and take their photos home as a  party favor.
8. Have each guest decorate their own egg-shaped sugar cookies.
Have an assortment of pastel colored frostings and lots of cake decorating sprinkles. 
9. Have an Easter egg or Easter Bunny pinata. 

Fill with Easter candy, Easter toys, and confetti.
10. Bunny Hokey-Pokey
You put your bunny ears in, you put your bunny ears in,
You put your bunny ears in, and you shake them all about.
You do the bunny-pokey, and you hop around.
That's what it's all about!
(continue with bunny nose, bunny paws, bunny tail)


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