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Easter Gift Idea


A bunny saying "Hop on over to (your address) for Easter fun!"

Table and Centerpiece Ideas:
Plush bunnies "growing" in pretty flower pots.
An Easter basket of candy with helium balloons and ribbons tied to the handle.
A bunny cake.
A branch spray painted white, in a pot, and decorated with Easter eggs.
Scatter confetti and jellybeans or foil-wrapped eggs around the centerpiece and over the table.

Doilies for placemats.

Roll silverware in pastel or Easter print napkins, and tie with a coordinating ribbon.

Goodie Bags:
1. Have a basket for each guest.
Line with Easter grass, and fill with goodies to take home.
2. Bunny Bags-
Decorate white lunch bags with bunny ears, whiskers,  and faces.  
Attach a handle.
Fill with Easter grass, goodies, and small favors.

Bunny Guests:
Make a headband for each guest with bunny ears.

Decorate a tree outside your house with Easter eggs.

1.  Egg Critters.
Decorate hard-boiled eggs with: google eyes, tiny pom-poms, feathers, beads, sequins, glitter, markers, yarn, fabric scraps, colored paper and ribbon.  Make chicks, faces, and fun critters.

To make a bunny egg, draw a nose and whiskers with markers, then glue on two paper ears, google eyes, and a cotton ball tail.
2.  Crayons and Dyed Eggs.
Draw designs with white or colored crayons onto hard-boiled eggs.
Dip into dye.
3. Masking Tape and Dyed Eggs.
Cut out designs with masking tape and make patterns on hard-boiled eggs.
Dip into dye.
When dry, remove masking tape.
4. Elastic Bands and Dyed Eggs.
Wrap hard-boiled eggs with many elastic bands, in different directions.
Dip into dye.
Blot dry with paper towels, and remove elastic bands.
5. Stickers.
Dye hard-boiled eggs in pretty colors, and decorate with tiny Easter stickers.

Cute Chicks in a Basket
Cut egg cartons into sections, (or use egg shell halves.)
Glue two yellow cotton balls together, (or use two yellow pompoms.)
Glue on two eyes.  Use a hole punch and black construction paper, (or use tiny beads.)
Glue on a beak (a tiny orange paper triangle, or a tiny square, folded diagonally.)
Add Easter grass to the egg cups.
Set the chicks into their "baskets."

Eggshell Mosaics
Save those dyed Easter eggshells!
Re-cycle into works of art by breaking them into pieces.
Draw a simple picture on a piece of paper, such as a flower or an Easter egg.  (You could use a cookie cutter to outline a picture.)
Spread glue onto your design, and sprinkle egg shells over the glue.
Add glitter if you would like.

Easter Bonnets
Cut large circles out of poster board.
Decorate with paper flowers, stickers, ribbons, lace, markers, crayons, glitter, doilies, tulle.
Attach ribbons to tie under chin.

Give Easter candy kisses and hugs.
Draw an Easter bunny on a card with this poem:

This cute little bunny has hopped all day,
Been delivering baskets for the holiday,
His paws are so tired, his little nose itches,
But he left you a gift- these hugs and these kisses!


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