Bethany Roberts' Christmas Fun for Kids

Christmas Party Games

Christmas Musical Chairs
With one less chair than you have players, arrange chairs in two rows, back to back.  
Play Christmas music.
Players march around the chairs.
When the music stops, everyone sits in a chair.
The player who doesn't have a chair is out.
Take away a chair.
Keep playing until one player (the winner) is left.
Snowball Race
If there is snow outside, play this outside with real snowballs.  If there is no snow, play inside with yarn balls.
Players line up against a wall.
Each player is given a snowball on a spoon.
On a signal, players race to the "North Pole" (the opposite wall.)
The first player to reach the North Pole without dropping their snowball is the winner.
Christmas Carol Charades
One at a time, each player silently acts out the name of a Christmas song.
Everyone tries to guess the song.
The player who guesses the most songs wins.
Candy Jar Guessing Game
Count and put wrapped chocolate balls or candy kisses into a big jar.
Players guess how many candies are in the jar, and write their guesses on slips of paper with their names.
The player with the guess that comes the closest gets to keep the candy!
Pin the Nose on Rudolph
You will need a large picture of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and red paper noses for each player.  Write each player's name on his or her nose.

Blindfold the players one at a time, spin them around, and have them pin (or tape) their nose to Rudolph.
The player whose nose comes the closest to Rudolph's nose wins.

Rudolph Hokey Pokey
Play the Hokey Pokey, but use reindeer body parts:

You put your red nose in, you put your red nose out,
You put your red nose in, and you shake it all about,
You do the Rudolph Pokey and you turn yourself around,
That's what it's all about.  Hey!
(continue with antlers, left hoof, right hoof, tail)

Christmas Memory Game
Everybody sits in a circle.
The first player says, "In my Christmas stocking there is an ... "
and says something that starts with an "A" like apple.
The second person then repeats what the first person said 
and adds something that begins with "B."
The third person must remember what the first people said
and add a "C" item.
Continue through the alphabet.
If a player can't remember all the items, that player drops out, 
until there is one player left.
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